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Domaine Thierry Cosme

Visita Domaine Thierry Cosme a Noizay

Valle della Loira Azienda vinicola / vignaiolo
Thierry Cosme and his sons will be happy to welcome you there to introduce you to their still and sparkling wines with a designation of origin. The family activity was started in 1945 by the grandfather of Thierry COSME. In 1988, after finishing his studies in Champagne, Thierry took over the reins of the estate, which then represented 4.5 hectares of vines. He then knew how to develop the activity to exploit today a total surface of 20 Ha.

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Domaine Thierry COSME, Route Nazelles, Noizay, France Francia

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Fabienne Flag fr ago 2021

Visite très conviviale, nous avons appris plein de choses et avons pu goûter plusieurs vins, pétillants ou non. Un très bon moment

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