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The Moreau family has been in Chablis since 1814. The ancestors were coopers and wine merchants before becoming winegrowers.
However the real expansion of the Domaine took place back in the 1970’s, with Jean-Jacques Moreau, 5th generation of the family (Louis’ father). Jean-Jacques is the one who built the reputation of the Domaine by developing the international sales and adding more vineyards to the family holdings.
Since 1994, Louis Moreau (6th generation of the family and present owner) has been in control of the 52 hectares of vineyards that make up Domaine Louis Moreau today.
Being concerned by environmental and conservation issues, Louis has applied since 2004 a “viticulture raisonnée” policy. This consists in withdrawal of weed-killers, less and less use of pesticides, keeping grass in the fields and a limited quantity of production for a better expression of quality. The ancient vines of Vaillons and all the Grands Crus of the Domaine are now totally farmed organically and all 1ers Crus and Grands Crus are hand-picked.
Louis’ objective is to enhance the intrinsic quality of each appellation through grapes that suffered no alteration from disease or non-organic products, which allows him to work in the cellar with the purest and the most natural wines.

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Domaine Louis Moreau, Grande Rue, Beine, France Francia

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