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La Gastronòmica is all about wine, cuisine, health and stimulating the senses. All our work is the result of a high degree of involvement, in which attention to detail and interaction with people are the cornerstone of a special experience. Our sensitivity to the region, culture and sustainability is reflected in each of our events.
We offer active tourism from the Empordà to the world, across borders, so as to explain where we come from, what we have to offer (wine, produce, landscape…) and who we are. We present audacious proposals with a marked humanistic value, such as pairing wine with cello music in a twelfth-century church, a recital by poet Josep Pedrals with Empordà wines while walking through the Iberian settlement of Castell, in Palamós, tastings of the best wines from the Empordà in Helsinki, seminars in the USA to showcase the Empordà’s quality and potential, a guitar concert with Catalan wines or a theatre show with three wines and three acts.
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Palamós, Espanya Spagna


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  • Itinerario marittimo di Palamós e degustazione dei vini dell'Empordà

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