Château Coutet, Grand Cru Classé
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Château Coutet, Grand Cru Classé

Visita Château Coutet, Grand Cru Classé a Saint-Émilion

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The Château Coutet vineyard has been owned by the David Beaulieu family for over 400 years, still living within it. This singularity is added to that of its terroir which has never been treated chemically. The property has historically always been exploited with a method now classified as "organic". Thanks to this method associated with a polyculture (market gardening, orchards, wood, livestock) favoring the original species / grape varieties, has made it possible to preserve rare fauna and flora species which contribute to making it an exceptional place.

Located 500 m from the village center, its immediate neighbors are all PRESTIGIOUS CHÂTEAUX.

Each generation cultivated the estate with the greatest respect for nature, biodiversity and the terroir, which earned it to obtain ORGANIC CERTIFICATION IN 2012. A stroll through the vineyards of Coutet helps to understand why the holy landscapes -emilionnais are classified WORLD HERITAGE by UNESCO.

Il nostro vino

Vitigni utilizzati

Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Malbec Cabernet Franc

Prezzi dei vini

15,00 € - 75,00 € per bottiglia

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Vigneti e Scoperta

Vigneti e Scoperta

Premio ufficiale per la destinazione del grande turismo enologico
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Château Coutet, Coutet, Saint-Émilion, France Francia

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